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Posted May 29, 2019

The Village of Dresden has been notified as to being chosen for the Small Government grant funding. This process has been going on since the start of 2016. Dresden placed a $160,005.00 project into the CDBG grant in 2016 and was turned down. The project was then placed into the Issue II Round 33 OPWC funding and rejected at the county level.The project then went into Small Government funding and was approved in their May 9, 2019 meeting. With the amount of $41,160 from Permissive funds being used, this will cojmpletely exhaust the villages permissive account. The village received notification May 20. The terms for grant and financing are as follows:

$59,202 Grant

$59,202 Loan

$41,160 Village Contribution from Permissive Funds

Here is a list of streets council approved to submit for project in 2016;

  1. Eddie Drive-from Dave Longaberger Ave. to top of hill
  2. 10th Street from Lois Drive to West corporation line
  3. Clay Street from 7th Street to 8th Street
  4. High Street from 6th St. to 8th St.
  5. High Street 9th to 10th St.
  6. 2nd Street from Cass Street to Sillman St.
  7. 12th Street from Chestnut St. to Clay St.
  8. Clay Street from 12th St. to trailer park drive
  9. 8th Street from Chestnut St. to Cass St.
  10. Chestnut Street 1st St. to Dave Longaberger Avenue
  11. Alley west of Chestnut from Dave Longaberger Ave. to 4th St.(behind Post Office)

Posted May 29, 2019 The Village of Dresden is still waiting for their Bi-annual audit report.



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